I haven’t been blogging much this year. Actually, I feel as though I haven’t done much at all this year. That’s not really true, but that’s how it feels to have a dozen or so projects in the works and nothing complete.

Earlier this year I found myself becoming stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work I had set out to do, but as my projects edge closer to completion that’s all dissipating. I’ve watched as my friends from nearly every phase in life continue to move toward traditional milestones in society – they get married, divorced, remarried, have kids, buy homes, and so on…and I remain as I am. I did buy a home this year, but it’s not a traditional home for my expanding family. It’s more of a personal sanctuary and workspace for my expanding projects.

I should clarify, I’m not disapproving of the life goals of other people. I simply point this out because in deciding to move further away from those traditional milestones I find there are fewer people I relate to. At times it’s disheartening to know I could have had an easier life if I had comprised a bit more, however completing projects does make me happy.

I’m happy for my friends and love to celebrate any of their accomplishments, however I don’t expect any of the things I plan on doing to warrant a celebration. I’ve always been focused on self improvement, but this year has been especially challenging. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have to do things for my own enjoyment not the recognition of others. It sounds simple enough and I’m not a particularly prideful person, but it truly has been a challenge.

Completely unrelated, for those of us lucky enough to be in Western NY this week, look up! We’ve got meteors until Friday!