I know, this is some boring new-home owner post, but I have to ask, what do people have against Sears?

The company is doing poorly because their suppliers have been calling in debts all at once. Just imagine if you were paying all your bills, but then your student loan servicers asked you to pay back the full sum of your debt by the end of the year. People would probably be walking around talking about how poorly you were doing too. So why are their suppliers doing this? They’ve lost confidence in Sears because they think YOU have lost confidence in Sears.

So back to my original question, what do people have against Sears?

Black Friday is coming up and tons of people are looking at replacing their appliances and I can bet, most of them, are looking in either Best Buy or Home Depot. I should preface this with nobody is paying me to say this; Sears actually has the best deals, and arguably, the best service.

Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, and pretty much every other retailer is advertising “up to” 40% off refrigerators. (Keep in mind these stores tend to have slightly inflated prices compared to offers online.) Sears? There are at least two great Kenmore refrigerators (a side-by-side and a French door style) that are over 50% off. Those on their own are great deals.

I didn’t wait for Black Friday to buy my new fridge though. That’s because the Sears/Kmart rewards program is pretty flipping amazing. In October, they gave you 10% of your purchase price back to you in the form of rewards dollars. I rolled this over a few times, often finding exactly what I wanted at Sears for prices well below anyone else online or in-store and ended up with a “free” TV.

So if it’s not price, then it must be the service of Sears that deters people right? Not that I’ve seen. All the appliances I ordered were delivered free and the delivery times were spot on. Not only that, but the delivery drivers moved everything into place without putting a single smudge or scratch anywhere. They were fast, friendly, and even knowledgeable about what to “watch out for” when using that specific make and model appliance.

From what I can tell, no other store has been able to deliver such professional service at such a great value. It leaves me entirely bewildered that anyone would shop elsewhere for their appliances when you truly can trust Sears.