About Sarah

I’m Sarah Kohl. I grew up in a rural part of Western New York. I have always enjoyed playing in the woods, going for bike rides, and making adventures. These days I might simply enjoy a board game with friends or read a great book, but I’m almost always up to something!

My parents have owned and operated their own business since before I was born. It gave me an interesting perspective on work, careers, and helped me realize what makes me happy in life. It didn’t prepare me for “office politics” or to yes-man everything, instead, I learned to think outside the box, problem solve like your life depends on it, and always ask questions. All of these great skills and more have helped in my career and in life.

I am actually the third of four daughters, no sons. With no sons to be compared against, my sisters and I took on any role or task that needed to be done. There was never a concept of “woman’s work.” That said, my sisters and I are all fairly different even though we all have degrees in science. So ya know, there is some base-level of nerd there for sure.

We are also what some might call straddlers, white-collar workers from blue-collar roots, but we see that as a strength not a weakness. There is an interesting book on the topic which illustrates the struggles and rewards of living this lifestyle so there probably isn’t a reason to extrapolate further here.

These days I spend my time volunteering, traveling, and sharing as much time with family as possible. Though, some tell me it’s just the reward of hard work, I consider myself both privileged and lucky to have done so much in so little time.

A Brief FAQ:

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog for a few reasons. When I was in college I was inspired by one of my professors to buy a domain and keep an online presence. Until then I had kept most of my online activity under aliases, keep in mind, this was before you needed to triple verify yourself so it was decently anonymous. I let the blog sit for a number of years as I got wrapped up in work. I picked it back up a few years back, not to become internet famous, but to continue learning and practicing my programing, writing, and photography skills.

Why don’t you just blog about one topic?

It would certainly make it easier to build an audience, create SEO links, and pretty much everything else if I did. I made the decision to blog about many topics because I am equally interested in corporate human resources as I am in backpacking. I have a diverse group of interests and I want to share all of them in hopes that maybe someone reading my blog will learn something new or discover a new interest.

Why do you change your writing style?

I use this space to experiment. Ultimately, this whole site is just a practice arena for my skills and sometimes I want to practice different writing styles. You should be thankful I don’t toss in any of my poetry or short stories!

I’ve known you for years and I didn’t know you had a blog!

That’s an implied question I suppose. I have kept my blog under wraps for years. I added the link to a few of my social media profiles in a subtle way, but I don’t hammer my friends over the head with this stuff. I will mention my friends from time-to-time, but it’s generally nothing too earth-shattering. I am flattered that a number of my friends read my blog regularly though!

Why to you have a love-hate relationship with contractions?

I don’t know. Sometimes I think I just don’t want to use them to provide emphasis. I have the bad habit of typing things the way I would say them and I don’t tend to be the most eloquent person out there.


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