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  • A Taste of New York Chips from Western New York

    New York Chips vs Saratoga Chips for Best New York State Chip
    It’s been some time since I posted and while I’ve thought of a number of different things I wanted to write about I haven’t found a lot of time to do so. I recently bought a house, moved back from California, started working on a startup, and in my spare time I’ve learned to code. Needless to say, busy.

    That being said, I can’t ignore anything related to small businesses in New York. If you don’t know, New York Chips are the potato chip that’s 100% made in New York. The potatoes are grown, processed, and packaged right here in Western New York. [More]

  • Toss Your Soylent Snack Bars


    So remember when I reviewed Soylent 2.0  and talked about the companies energy bars? As it turns out you might not want to eat those after all.

    The company has vaulted production of the bars and has told anyone who still has some to throw them out. Customers around the country have been complaining of gastrointestinal distress after eating just one bar. Finding yourself stuck to a toilet for the day probably negates any time savings you got from eating a bar instead of a full meal.

    The company hasn’t explained what went wrong with their snack bars yet. [More]

  • The Most Detailed Review of Soylent 2.0 in Existence


    Last week I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. We decided to get lunch and reminisce. While we were eating one of the things he mentioned was that this was the first solid meal he had eaten in days. I was a bit shocked, but he went on to explain that he had been primarily drinking Soylent during his trip to New York. I knew he had been drinking this stuff awhile back, and even tried a little last time I visited him. That said, I didn’t think he would be able to survive on a Soylent diet very long.

    As he explained, the company behind Soylent released a 2.0 version that comes pre-mixed and packaged in individual servings. [More]

  • A Random Rendezvous in New Orleans

    New Orleans is one of those cities that’s likely to be on everyone’s bucket list, or at least, it was on mine. I’ve been putting off visiting for a while but took my friend up on his invite to come visit recently, and had a fantastic time.


    The (Sea)Food

    I love to try local food when I’m visiting somewhere and was not disappointed by anything I tried while in Louisiana. My first night in New Orleans we stopped at Draggo’s for their famous charbroiled oysters. Naturally, I got myself an Abita Strawberry beer to go with it. [More]

  • Happy Dyngus Day! Where’s the Krupnik?

    dyngus day buffalo ny decade celebration polish american krupnik

    I’ve written about Dyngus Day before. It’s a Polish celebration that happens the day after Easter, but oddly enough, is celebrated in Buffalo, NY more than any Polish city today.

    Buffalo, NY is the second largest city in the state of NY, New York City being the obvious first place spot. Most of the immigrants who came to Buffalo, NY were from three places, Italy, Ireland, and Poland. For whatever reason, the Polish-American community is stronger every year.

    Buffalo, NY may not be the first place you think of when you think of up-and-coming quirky cities, but it really might be. [More]

  • California Wine Distributor Premier Cru Under Investigation by FBI

    If you’re unfamiliar with Premier Cru Wine, literally translating from french to reference the first harvest of a crop. Until recently, they were a large and well established wine distributor in Berkley, California. The company has since filed for bankruptcy stating it owned $7 million in assets, mostly wine, that would be forfeit to wipe out their $70 million debt. The huge discrepancy in the figures has launched a federal investigation into a supposed ponzi scheme.

    The large majority of the debtors are actually customers who claim they never received the wine they ordered. [More]

  • Top Secret Taco Bell Item Acquired!

    You probably don’t know, but today Taco Bell released a sneak preview of their newest menu item to those who pre-ordered. For two hours they agreed to make the secret menu item for ticket holders (including myself!) The worst part is they required you to order the item before telling you what it really is. Clever marketing that of course I fell prey to immediately.

    So I lined up a few minutes before the official release and anxiously awaited the surprise. This is what I had ordered:

    Yes, this is in fact a pre-release of the quesalupa. [More]

  • SO Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mint Milk for the Holidays

    I don’t have (much) of a problem with milk, but I couldn’t resist picking this holiday coconut milk up in the stores this month. Heck, I grew up in dairy farmer country. I’m all for milk, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try something new now and then. I’ve been drinking this stuff like a junky all month and I’m not ashamed to say it.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the product, SO Delicious is a company that makes dairy-free products. This limited edition mint chocolate milk is one of two seasonal drinks they have this year. [More]

  • Wine Ice Cream in NY

    You may have had wine ice cream before, but what you might not know is a little ice cream shop in Central NY had to fight so that you could! In fact, to my knowledge, this is the only place that makes wine ice cream. It gets shipped across the globe! I had had it before, but recently had the chance to go visit the ice cream parlor in person. It’s not all that special looking, and it does close pretty early, but it’s worth it.

    The ice cream that the freeze and ship tastes the same as the ice cream in the shop, but for whatever reason the texture changes. [More]

  • Alternative Jelly Beans

    Yes, I’m a grown-ass adult who still gets an Easter basket. You’re clearly just jealous.

    Anyway this year the Easter bunny left a number of different types of jelly beans but one stood out as clearly the best.

    Have you ever had a nerds rope? They taste amazing! It’s chewy and crunchy and just the right amount of nerds. The downside is sometimes the little nerds fall off the rope. Anyway, these nerds jelly beans taste EXACTLY like baby nerds rope. I’ll be hunting for more of these in the bargain after-holiday candy pile for sure. [More]

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  • Turkey Joints! The pride of Rome, NY [More]