Toss Your Soylent Snack Bars


So remember when I reviewed Soylent 2.0  and talked about the companies energy bars? As it turns out you might not want to eat those after all.

The company has vaulted production of the bars and has told anyone who still has some to throw them out. Customers around the country have been complaining of gastrointestinal distress after eating just one bar. Finding yourself stuck to a toilet for the day probably negates any time savings you got from eating a bar instead of a full meal.

The company hasn’t explained what went wrong with their snack bars yet. It’s possible there was some kind of food contamination, but there is also a chance that this is a formulation problem. Users have claimed having a slight soy intolerance from other Soylent products in the past.

This isn’t the first time Soylent has been caught shipping a product that made their customers sick. The launch of their 2.0 drink (the one I reviewed) had to be delayed because of mold found growing inside the containers. Yum yum, right?

Dont get me wrong, every company tends to fall short of their promises now and then. I do think Soylent has a lot of potential as a brand and product, but if you’ve got sensitive stomach enzymes you might want to opt for some other meal replacement product.






  1. kekkekkek

    I’m glad I didn’t buy these. I’ll stick to astronaut food…

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