Happy Dyngus Day! Where’s the Krupnik?

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I’ve written about Dyngus Day before. It’s a Polish celebration that happens the day after Easter, but oddly enough, is celebrated in Buffalo, NY more than any Polish city today.

Buffalo, NY is the second largest city in the state of NY, New York City being the obvious first place spot. Most of the immigrants who came to Buffalo, NY were from three places, Italy, Ireland, and Poland. For whatever reason, the Polish-American community is stronger every year.

Buffalo, NY may not be the first place you think of when you think of up-and-coming quirky cities, but it really might be. If the Dyngus Day celebration is any indication, Buffalo want’s to be different. The city has undergone major renovations in the past decade and the sentiment of the people who live here is that the city is making a comeback.

I know most travel bloggers focus on interesting destinations in Europe or Scandinavia, but sometimes there can be unique and interesting things happening in your backyard, you just have to be paying attention!

The Dyngus Day celebration has gone from nothing to thousands of attendees in just a decade! They don’t host the parade in the best part of town and yet, people come out in droves to celebrate. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind event. Polka music, pirogies, and beer make it somewhat like a second St. Patrick’s Day. And  it’s possible the people of Buffalo need a second St. Patrick’s Day since we typically get miserable winters thanks to lake effect snow.

Of course, this year there is one slight problem. The festivities have become so popular that there is a shortage of some popular Dyngus Day items. One in particular, Krupnik (a Polish-made honey liqueur,) is in short supply. Bars have been rushing around trying to restock, but the liquor stores are sold out. One bar had to scout three states to get the estimated 50 bottles they will need for today’s celebration.

If you’re not in the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY today, or just can’t attend the festivities, wear some red, maybe smack someone with a pussy willow brach, and remember there will be at least one city partying hard this Monday night!

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