Dyngus Day in Western NY

Happy Dyngus Day fellow polish peeps! (FYI everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day)

If you’re unfamiliar with the traditions of Dyngus Day don’t worry, most people are. Buffalo, NY decided to revitalize the city in the 60’s by celebrating their polish heritage and have continued to do so. They have a parade, polish food, and no shortage of pussy willow!

For the most part Dyngus Day is just like a polish St Patrick’s day. Lots of drinking and live music with the addition of two traditions. People carry around pussy willow to smackeach other  (mostly the attractive people get hit.) Water guns are also pretty common since soaking each other with water is the main tradition of Dyngus Day.

So show someone you care today and smack them with some pussy willow or soak them in water…






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