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  • California Wine Distributor Premier Cru Under Investigation by FBI

    If you’re unfamiliar with Premier Cru Wine, literally translating from french to reference the first harvest of a crop. Until recently, they were a large and well established wine distributor in Berkley, California. The company has since filed for bankruptcy stating it owned $7 million in assets, mostly wine, that would be forfeit to wipe out their $70 million debt. The huge discrepancy in the figures has launched a federal investigation into a supposed ponzi scheme.

    The large majority of the debtors are actually customers who claim they never received the wine they ordered. [More]

  • Wine Ice Cream in NY

    You may have had wine ice cream before, but what you might not know is a little ice cream shop in Central NY had to fight so that you could! In fact, to my knowledge, this is the only place that makes wine ice cream. It gets shipped across the globe! I had had it before, but recently had the chance to go visit the ice cream parlor in person. It’s not all that special looking, and it does close pretty early, but it’s worth it.

    The ice cream that the freeze and ship tastes the same as the ice cream in the shop, but for whatever reason the texture changes. [More]

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