Rocket League – Two Sports Games Are Better Than One

So I’ve spent some time playing Rocket League now and I have to say, I kind of love this game. The concept is simple. Picture a soccer field, now give it a giant dome all Blitzball style. You and your friends get some tricked out cars, and try to get more goals than your opposition. It’s stupid fun even if it sounds less than that.

You can choose from a number of cars, each one is slightly different. My personal favorites are the heavy trucks and vans. They handle like you would think a F-350 would on a soccer field, but when you smash into people watching them sail halfway across the field is oh so satisfying. Of course, if you know how to move around the map with more finesse than a wild rhino, you might be inclined to pick a sports car. I guess those are cool too.

The controls aren’t the best, but they are pretty good. The graphics aren’t spectacular (and certainly not on PC) but come on! It’s all about the game play! Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next…well…for a while.