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5 Reasons Why Living in Puerto Rico Would Rock

If you’re unfamiliar with Puerto Rico you’re probably missing out. This US territory in the Caribbean has pretty much everything you could want without all the commercialism of a typical tourist destination.

  • Moving there from the states isn’t difficult! They use the USD and everyone there is an English speaking citizen of America. As a bonus, you can use your license from whatever state you’re from without additional tests if you only plan to be there for 3 months or less. That means, just enough for us in the Northeast to escape the winter.

Turkey Joints! The pride of Rome, NY [More]

Avoidable Airline Delays & How to Solve Them

The more I fly, the more I realize many of the delays that airplanes have are preventable and in fact caused by people just being too self-centered. For example, when airlines started charging to check bags, there was an influx of people who started packing everything in a carry-on bag.

I don’t blame those people at all. Who wants to pay for their luggage to be rummaged though and lost? For the most part, it’s just all-around better if we are only packing what we need on a trip anyway. It means you’re less likely to lose things and you don’t have so much stuff to lug around from place to place. [More]

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