7 Movie Marathon of Star Wars

Alright so you may or may not know I made the potentially foolish decision to get up at 1am this morning to head to a seven movie marathon of Star Wars in Rochester. There wasn’t reserved seating so of course I went early to get a good seat. I wasn’t looking forward to rewatching episodes 1 through 3 so I wanted a good napping spot. I have to say though, after seeing them again, they really weren’t that bad.

By episode 2 I have in and got myself my usual popcorn and ICEE and promptly stained my pants with butter flavored palm oil.

The crowd of people who showed up was delightful. They were the people unemployed enough to take a full day of work off, but yet able to afford a $50 ticket. Almost everyone was dressed up in Star Wars gear or full costumes. One guy had a Yoda figure that he was cradling like a baby. At first I thought it was an actual baby or maybe a flask disguised as Yoda. It was neither. Another guy made a point to call his office around episode 3 to simply tell his employer he would be, “indisposed” for the day.

Of course, as one of my film professors told our class, the fun of going to a theater is the crowd of people all sharing the experience with you. People clapped, laughed, and cheered together which was amazing. We all were tired and discussing our strategies for staying awake in the beginning, but as the day went on the excitement kept everyone awake.

I’m still not sure I loved the new movie but I’m glad I rewatched them all in chronological order. I have a new appreciation for the first three Star Wars movies. I felt the overall story was actually better in them than episodes 4-6. The dialog was written better in 4-6 though and had slightly less goofy editing. So far it seems like 7-9 will be somewhere between the two trilogies in terms of quality, but only time will tell.






  1. JedFae

    ARGH! YOU ALREADY SAW IT?! Thanks for not including any spoilers. The earliest I could get a ticket was Saturday.

    1. Sarah

      🙁 At least that’s still opening weekend and you didn’t have to camp in a movie theater to see it

  2. moose man

    You are such a nerd Sarah. That takes some serious determination to sit in a movie theater seat for a solid day. I didn’t plan on seeing The Force Awakens until it’s at least two weeks old.

    1. Sarah

      It was a lot of fun, though I do wish I had brought some pillows and my own snacks…living on movie theater food is kind of gross.

  3. Hebergement web

    It’s good to know I won’t have much competition looking for seating when going to watch the marathon all six of these awesome movies.

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