Magic and the Holidays

Can you believe it has been decades since the Harry Potter movies and books were released? I have so many happy memories related to that IP it’s crazy, but this Christmas I was able to add one more.

A few things you should know about my family and the holidays, first we don’t really do the whole gift thing. We’ve all done really well for ourselves and have what we want and need in life so instead we donate to charities for each other. Of course, there has to be “something” to unwrap so we’ve been playing Dirty Santa with funny small gifts for the past few years to comply with the seasonal consumerism. [More]

A Quick Train Trip to Chicago

There are few cities with such varied culture, deep history, and international renowned as Chicago. From where I live you can take an overnight train trip and be in the famous Union Station by morning. (And yes, you should totally reenact the scene from The Untouchables here…or at least I did haha) I’m a huge fan of travel by train and with Chicago so close, there’s really no excuse not to visit.

My sisters and I planned another one of our trips here specifically because there were so many things we wanted to do. [More]

Ottawa, Not-so-French Canada

I visited Ottawa this past weekend. I had heard good things about the city for the past few years but somehow always missed it on my trips to visit our northern neighbors. The drive to Ottawa was great. Much like driving to Montreal, you get to go through the 1,000 islands (yes, that’s where the salad dressing originated!) And the crossing into Canada takes you over a couple of fantastic suspension bridges. Who doesn’t love that?!

I was staying near the capital region while there and I have to admit the architecture was phenomenal. [More]

The Relationship Kids Have With School

Growing up I always thought school was exciting. Not really because of the teachers or lessons, though I won’t lie both could have a huge impact on how much I enjoyed school. I was usually excited to get up and get going because I knew I would see my friends!

That makes me wonder, do kids today know the same excitement? They get to talk to their friends nearly anytime night or day thanks to cellphones. It’s not the same of course, nothing beats face to face communication, but I do wish I could survey some kids and find out how they feel. [More]

Tarkovskiy’s Stalker 1979

A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts. He needs to constantly prove to himself and the others that he’s worth something. And if I know for sure that I’m a genius? Why write then? What the hell for? – Writer