The Relationship Kids Have With School

Growing up I always thought school was exciting. Not really because of the teachers or lessons, though I won’t lie both could have a huge impact on how much I enjoyed school. I was usually excited to get up and get going because I knew I would see my friends!

That makes me wonder, do kids today know the same excitement? They get to talk to their friends nearly anytime night or day thanks to cellphones. It’s not the same of course, nothing beats face to face communication, but I do wish I could survey some kids and find out how they feel.

Maybe it’s this ease of communication that makes bullying  more prevalent. After all, it’s probably much easier to insult someone when you think there is an endless number of people that can replace them in your social life. People are so interesting and so strange.







  1. furioussd

    Hmm that’s an interesting way to look at things. I should ask my teacher friend to survey her kids ha!

  2. kristiecool

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. I hadn’t thought about this at all.

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