Dear White People

You might think it’s 1950 with how often the issue of race has come up in the news and media. I have been waiting for Dear White People to come to Netflix and this weekend I was happily surprised to find it showcased in my suggestions. I am always curious to hear the perspectives of society from a new and different angle so this film was a treat.

I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood where one or two minorities became race-ambassadors for the whole school. It wasn’t until college where I started to meet a more diverse group of people. I learned a lot from all of them, but sometimes talking about intimate issues like race or religion discrimination just didn’t seem appropriate since I was so far removed. It’s why I feel a bit more comfortable with these issues being explored in the one-way communication of art.

Dear White People did not disappoint. I hate spoilers so I won’t go into any great detail, but I will say that the movie did a fantastic job of depicting the grey nature of these complex issues. The film didn’t out-right attack white people, instead it took the more persuasive route by showing realistic scenario after scenario where race was the prime reason for conflict. In this was blame was not necessarily shouldered exclusively by the white characters.

One of the most interesting things I noticed was a theme in which black characters where forced into stereotypes because their options to be themselves hindered their ability to reach their goals. Honestly, while it was funny and entertaining, this movie at it’s core brought up some troubling and difficult social issues. It’s certainly worth watching and you have no excuse since it’s on Netflix!






  1. climbitnow

    I JUST watched this last night. It’s like I knew to. Have to agree, great movie.

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