Google – They’re Everywhere

Google has become a crazy big company in my lifetime. When they didn’t exist and the internet was still so new, I remember all the other search networks you would have to use to find what you were looking for. Having google to care more about useful search metrics and less about ad revenue was a blessing.

Since then, they have slowly entered every part of our lives online and off with great ease. Android phones, Glass, and the new pro type car would mean that one company would have data on you from every aspect of your life. Not to sound paranoid, of course. More to marvel at the amounts of data they can gather.

Obviously, some of the most important data out there is the hardest to collect. Marketers would love to be able to break down any group of people into a carefully controlled experiment, but only one company will have the ability to do so soon. Of course, the ability and the actuality are two different things. A project with any great depth would take lots of server space, but the idea still fascinates me.

With the right person sharing the right information, Google could see when they wake up (alarm set on their phone,) what they watch with breakfast (chrome cast,) when they leave to go to the store (phone gps or new self-driving car,) how long they spend at each store on their trip, and so on. Technology. It’s truly amazing.