Movie Review – The Boxtrolls

This weekend The Boxtrolls was released in theaters and I made sure to grab a ticket for the first showing at my favorite theater. The story is cute, has some funny and obvious puns, and yet has some intelligent humor as well. I didn’t watch much of the trailers because I did want to see the movie without knowing all the best parts.

The claymation is really why I wanted to see this movie though. To my surprise, it was actually a bit of a mixed media piece and it was done surprisingly well. I spent the extra couple dollars to see it in 3D, but I’m not sure it was really needed. It added an extra texture to the art, but its not needed. In fact, if you’re on the edge about if you want 3D or not for this movie, just ask yourself if you would watch Wallace and Gromit in 3D.

You should recognize a whole host of great actors in this movie when the credits roll, and yes, you should stay after the credits! Overall, the only thing I regretted is that there weren’t more people in the theater.







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