Movie Review – Tusk

So you may not have heard that this week Kevin Smith’s latest movie was released. That’s right, Tusk released in over 600 theaters and even that may be too many by some people’s standards. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment of this movie. If you’re in the mood for a bad horror movie this is just what you need.

A total of about 10 people were in the theater, 3 of which came with me. Keep in mind, this was the only theater showing the movie within an hour drive. At one point, one of the teens sitting behind me said to his buddy, “what the hell are we watching?” Yes, it’s also the kind of movie you drag people to without telling them exactly what they are in for.

You do have to respect that Kevin Smith was able to turn a joke from his podcast into a full length movie and release it in theaters at all. Not only that, but he got some great actors like Johnny Depp and Justin Long to star. All-in-all it’s a fun movie, and even more so if you want to share a laugh with some friends. It does have some gore, but nothing worse than American Horror Story.






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