North Carolina the Tar Heel State

Yeah, people in NC don’t even know why it’s called the Tar Heel State, but if you’re supposed to celebrate dirty feet here then I think I did it right.

I’ve spent some time in North Carolina before, but this time I decided to visit a few new places. The first stop was Carolina Tiger Resuce. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s certainly worth a stop. The tigers tend to end up here after their owners realize they can’t care for them. That includes drug dealers who want a status symbol, delusional families who believe they can handle the commitment of a wildcat, and people from the entertainment industry who can no longer make money from owning their tiger. It’s sad, but these guys have been lucky enough to end up here. The sanctuary actually houses a number of wild animals including lions, tigers, kinkajous, and bobcats amongst other things. If you’re lucky, you can even see them eat!

After that it was off to Sylvan Heights Bird Park. When you first get there it seems as though you have driven to cabin in Nowhere, NC. I couldn’t even get cell reception! Once you pass through the log cabin that houses their gift shop, lecture room, and ticket booth you see that Sylvan Heights is truly the Disney Land of the bird-breeding world. Each area is sectioned off so that you can enter pens filled with birds from different continents with each one being better than the last. Aside from that there were peafowl and other birds wandering about. Spring was a fantastic time to visit because the peacocks were putting on their best display for the peahens. Pretty much every exotic bird you could imagine was here including my personal favorite, the curassow’s which made a deep booming noise. If you like birds even just a little you’ll find the park a fun yet tranquil place to spend the day.

Since this is one of the places I planed to stay in for awhile there is likely to be a follow up post for this great state!






  1. Sammy

    Go NC Tar Heels!

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