First Stop, Pennsylvania

As I reached Erie, PA my radio station started to fade and I began scanning to get something new. The first station that came in clear was shouting, “Pirates, Penguins, Stealers, if it’s sports we’ve got it!” and that’s how I knew I was getting closer to Pittsburgh.

I passed a Quaker Steak & Lube, Primanti Brothers, and stopped at a Sheetz. Sheetz is a great gas station if you haven’t been. They pretty much serve up tons of food, have a real automotive section, and it’s all topped with a sense of PA Pride. I don’t have a membership card, but it’s the only gas station I would stop at here.

Being from Western NY, Pittsburgh is practically in my backyard. We share a lot of the culture and ideals except WNY doesn’t know what it’s like to have a winning sports team. It does feel a lot like home. There is one thing that I’ve noticed people from Pittsburgh don’t seem to remember exporting to WNY and that is the Pittsburgh Salad.

The Pittsburgh Salad is pretty simple. It’s a simple salad with the addition of steak and fries. It’s amazing and for awhile it was the only salad I would eat, but people here don’t seem to recognize it and sometimes get a bit confused and offended when an out-of-stater asks for one. If they only knew…






  1. Johnny Dangerously

    Pittsburgh or no Pittsburgh, why would anybody eat a salad without french fries on it?

    1. Sarah

      I know. I mean, how else can you get your starch/carbs in a salad without them!

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