Man vs Rock

This has been on of my favorite reads of the comics I picked up at Comic Con. I have so many good things to say about Man vs Rock that I’m going to have to actually organize my writing for once!

The premiss of the book is simple. Rocks have been abused, disgraced, and neglected for centuries and now they seem to be attacking. Obviously this isn’t a serious book, but as the creators pitched the comic to me at comic con I started to think, “fuck rocks!”

The main character is a guy name Buck. Technically a professor but he falls into more of an 80’s action hero trope than anything. He’s gritty, rude, and mentally unstable making him the perfect anti-rock conspiracist. His ex-wife also has a significant role to play as she is the Vice President of the United States.

The art style used in this comic reminds me of a mix between 90’s and 80’s comics. You have the over-sexualized women, overly muscular men, and a surprising lack of shading. Overall the art style helps to emphasis the utterly absurd scenarios that we’re exposed to. In other words, it might not look as realistic or finished as a Marvel comic, but it works in this context.

The writing is by far my favorite thing about this comic. A word of warning, this humor isn’t for the easily offended! There are jokes at the expense of celebrities, women, straight men, gay men, the French, and rocks. As I read I couldn’t help but laugh at almost every pannel. At times jokes might be over used, but it really just reinforced that over the top theatrical writing you’d see in 80’s cartoons and comics.

I’ll be passing the copies I have on to some friends because I think thy will enjoy them, but I highly recommend picking up a copy on Amazon especially since it’s so cheap.