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  • McDonald’s announced a new CEO, the only breaking news of today

    Today McDonalds announced their new CEO, Steve Easterbrook. Of course congratulations are in order, but this isn’t Steve’s first time being in the C-suite. I don’t often publicize the fact that I love mcnuggies and a shamrock shake now and then, mostly because younger generations aren’t in love with McDonalds like our parents were.

    Steve has already mentioned that he is trying to win the hearts of millennials everywhere, but just what would it take to get people on board with McDonald’s brand again? Obviously they have done a great job removing the traditional Ronald and pals from most establishments, and some of their newer locations are downright trendy! [More]

  • The Bastardization of Facebook’s Motto

    “Move fast and break things.”

    I have heard it time and time again, but always out of context. It’s great to quote though when you want to encourage people to get things done. As long as you can live with the consequences of them well, breaking things. That isn’t exactly what the motto means though. Unlike the catchy phrase, it takes a few more words to explain.

    To set the stage for this statement, people should understand the environment of Facebook. Of course, everyone has heard about their “brogramers” and parties, but there is a lot more to their management than that. [More]

  • Worst Executions of a Termination

    Recently, there was some discussion on how to properly terminate an employee. Sometimes people learn best by hearing what not to do. The following are real examples of various employee terminations from a number of companies. Feel free to add more to the comments or describe what you would have done differently.

    The False Promise

    One employee had been called into the conference room and told that their performance was not where it needed to be. Managers had defined clear goals for this employee to reach by a deadline in order to keep their position and attend an up-coming company retreat. [More]