McDonald’s announced a new CEO, the only breaking news of today

Today McDonalds announced their new CEO, Steve Easterbrook. Of course congratulations are in order, but this isn’t Steve’s first time being in the C-suite. I don’t often publicize the fact that I love mcnuggies and a shamrock shake now and then, mostly because younger generations aren’t in love with McDonalds like our parents were.

Steve has already mentioned that he is trying to win the hearts of millennials everywhere, but just what would it take to get people on board with McDonald’s brand again? Obviously they have done a great job removing the traditional Ronald and pals from most establishments, and some of their newer locations are downright trendy! You have to give them credit for the effort.

When I think about the services they offer, I’m actually a bit surprised more young people don’t enjoy the once-in-awhile trip to McDonalds. I mean…

  • Free Wifi – at nearly every location. You really can’t beat that. Bring a spare battery and you could turn it into your remote office. I know I’ve done it…not now of course.
  • Ottomans – no really. If you haven’t seen one of these remodeled McDonald’s you may be shocked to find there are comfy chairs with armrests and ottomans.  Perfect for homeless bloggers and backpackers to take a load off.
  • Less terrible options – no 8 patties with cheese still isn’t good for you, but they have done a great job offering substitutes like apples for fries and having small portions for meals. Don’t be afraid to get a happy meal as an adult! Everyone should be happy.

So, clearly that’s not enough to win back the hearts of the american youth, but it’s a good start. Of course there is no shortage of people telling McDonald’s what to do, but there are some good ideas that people have mentioned.

  • Becoming “green” – my personal spin on this would be to make their happy meal toys recyclable. I can’t remember how many times the joy of that toy would wear off by the time I was done eating my happy meal as a kid. I always felt guilty throwing them out though, so I would just take it home and let it sit in a pile.
  • Menu changes – everyone has favorites on the menu and of course, everyone has things that they want to keep or get rid of. That being said, Burger King has an EXTENSIVE menu (vegetarian friendly menu even!) but there are so many options it makes ordering difficult. Maybe it is time to say good-bye to some items at McDonalds.
  • Treat your employees better – people today respect companies that treat their employees well. Just look at Costco, Starbucks, and Target. They all have succeeded with a reputation for having a good work environment. Nobody wants to end up, well at McDonalds asking, “do you want fries with that?”

And I’m sure there is a mile long list of other suggestions people have had for the company. I wish Steve the best in his new role as CEO. I’m sure he’s earned it. Let’s see where McDonald’s goes from here!





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