The Salad Club

Recently at work, I joined a group we call “the Wellness Team.” Our goal is to encourage healthy choices and provide education material to employees.  I would have to say I am a unique team member because my main focus is not remaining active in my golden years or losing weight. I don’t work out at a gym and I don’t count carbohydrates. I aim to stay active by going outdoors on hikes and adventures. I eat right by knowing my personal dietary needs and taking note of portions and ingredients.

One of the interesting things we have developed at work is the “salad club.” A group of us pitch in $10 a week and then we go shopping on Monday for a whole bunch of fresh veggies for salads. People bring in additional protein extras like meat and eggs, but we all make out in the end. By buying in large quantities we save on the price of the ingredients, we also get fresh produce because we can use it before it spoils, and then the last benefit is our time. We all pitch in to cut and prepare during our lunch break which makes it just as easy as going out for lunch. It is defiantly an idea I would recommend to other workplaces where employees are concerned about their health, time and budget.






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