The World’s Smallest Drone Quadcopter

Recently I went to an Entrepreneur’s Expo hosted by the Rochester Young Professionals. While there I had to pleasure of meeting a host of interesting business owners in the Rochester area. I loved so many of the businesses, but of course, I think everyone thought Morrison Innovations, LLC brought the coolest toys.

No, literally, they brought the coolest toys that I’m pretty sure any adult or kid would want. The company was started by a local Rochestarian after him and his buddies spotted a drone spying on them drinking outside. They thought the idea of flying drones was fun, and decided to go about making a high-quality yet low-cost toy drone that anyone could fly. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the founder is an electrical engineer!

Anyway, they went through a few different models, manufactures, and have perfected three designs that are on the market now. The idea behind them is that they are supposed to be small, fun, and powerful and they deliver. I’ve tried to fly RC helicopters in the past, and let’s just say I won’t be getting any awards for pulling off neat tricks.

These little quadcopter drones are very easy to fly. The Nano Drone is by far the easiest to use. It’s also got little bumpers on it which are insanely helpful when you’re crashing your drone into people or things. (Intentionally of course.) The worlds smallest quadcopter is called Areius and my favorite thing about this little guy is that the quadcopter stores right into the controller. It’s also just adorable. I mean, look at it! Lastly, they have the Wallet Drone which again has a unit that stores into the controller. This unit has a slightly strange shaped controller, but it doubles as a to-go charger and is a better shape for your pocket.

Anyway, this gadget was just way too cool not to mention. I was also told there is a new unit in development that should be launched by spring. (And oh yeah, I’ll be getting it and posting all kinds of great videos of me flying it.)






  1. gingerkid

    Okay these are pretty sweet and I’m down to support a Rochester company. I might get one of these when they restock just to annoy my coworkers.

  2. jordan

    OK, these are pretty sweet. I should get a couple for my nieces and nephews (and one for myself.)

  3. daniwegmons

    I’ll have to send this link to my girlfriend as a hint for valentines day.

  4. techie dude

    I’m pretty sure they have a new quad out that has a camera. Real cool company.

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