• The Best Way to Eat a Wild Puffball Mushroom

    OK so this weekend I picked, cooked, and ate a wild puffball mushroom. I tried to cook it up a whole bunch of different ways because I’ll be honest, I’d never cooked one of these before. After lots of internet research and dirty dishes I came up with a few ways to try cooking it…

  • Call Me Maybe in Old English

    And who said romance is dead? This is Old English. You know, the time period with princes and princesses, when all of those fantasy novels take place! You might recognize the song, but I’m guessing you can’t follow the lyrics. Even so, you can hear bits of German in here which is a lot of fun.…

  • Burp Girl vs Upchuck Pilot Episode

    You know what’s great about the internet? You can make a name for yourself pretty much anywhere in the world! Christina Calph grew up not far from where I did and it’s great to see yet another fellow Western NY’er achieving success. If you follow Stan Lee’s blog you may have already seen this, but I…

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  • Turkey Joints! The pride of Rome, NY [More]

  • Ouija Trailer, or Should I Say Jumanji 2?

    When going to the movies I keep seeing this trailer for Ouija and I can’t help but think it looks familiar…I edited this together so people could see what I see. [More]

  • Maleficent Review

    I don’t want to be overly harsh here, because the movie was good. It did exactly what I would have wanted it to, it entertained me! That being said, the visuals for this movie were great, acting was good except for child actors/actresses, but it lacked an original music score and unique directing. Other than…

  • Godzilla Movie in 60 Seconds

    For those who don’t want to go see the most recent Godzilla movie, here is a brief video showing you the overall audience reactions and comments.   [More]