Wild Review

Yesterday the movie Wild was being released in a number of theaters. I was invited to a pre-screening so I have had some time to think about the movie and have decided to write a quick review. No spoilers, promise.

The movie itself focuses on female characters and touches on a number of serious topics. Unfortunately, some editing and directing decisions were made that somewhat detract from any one of these issues from being the focal point.

In some instances, the audience was beaten over the head with clues that were intended to be subtle, thus ruining some of the surprise when these snippets of the main character’s life where revealed.

On a more positive note, this was a difficult story to tell through film. The main character spends a good deal of time alone with her thoughts, but they did a good job to mix different elements into the story to keep it from getting stale.

It wasn’t a bad movie, but it’s maybe not something you need to watch in theaters. Add it to your Netflix queue or grab a digital copy when it’s available and you’ll enjoy it just as much.






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