2012 – Happy New Year

Another new year is upon us and it would seem everyone is busy making new years resolutions, best of 2011 lists, and predicting 2012. We all want the new year to be better than the last, and goal setting is how we aim to better ourselves.

Before making my goals for the new year, I took a moment to reflect on how much I have accomplished this year. Outdoor adventures like skydiving, spelunking, and jet skiing filled the year with excitement. I am also proud of learning to cook healthy meals and building an exercise routine that fits my lifestyle.

For the 2012 Chase Corporate Challenge I ran with my coworkers at Rochester Midland, in spring I volunteered to do face painting at Bug Day for the children in the city of Rochester, and early in the year I attended a charity event to help provide aid to poor Vietnamese. All of these experiences were new for me and provided me with the opportunity to grow as a person.

In the upcoming year I can only hope to have just as many wonderful experiences to learn and grow. Becoming more involved in the local, regional, and cyber community is my goal for 2012. So if your interested in my blog, twitter, or just want to say hi, feel free to introduce yourself!






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