2015 in Review

It’s the time of the year where companies start posting reviews from the year. As 2015 concludes we can look back on the internet trends, news stories, and major events, but I’d like reflect on the people that have made this year a good year for me (in no particular order.)

  • Jo – For always pushing me to do more, try more, and get more out of life.
  • Katie – For letting me know I always have a listening ear when I need one.
  • Lisa – For the valuable lessons and endless information on how to succeed.
  • John – For the comfort in knowing you are watching out for my sister.
  • Ellie – For the forgiveness and warm welcome after all these years.
  • Kim – For the fearlessness you have, it’s inspirational!
  • Kyle – For your humble nature and honest opinions.
  • Amy – For entertaining my silly adventures and ideas.
  • Shannon – For your genuine love of the people in your life.
  • Sarah – For inviting me to be part of your big day.
  • Mel – For being a warm and welcoming person all the time.
  • Necole – For being real and being open.
  • Sam – For being the right amount of pessimistic and sharing.
  • Roy – For your words of comfort without judgement.
  • Roy – For your loyalty and trust over the years.
  • Karlie – For your unique perspective and thoughtful conversation.
  • Andy – For always welcoming me into the group.
  • Nate – For being a great drinking buddy.
  • Mike – For understanding that wrappers do need to be folded a certain way.
  • Ali – For being a warm and welcoming new friend.
  • Jon – For introducing me to a whole world of new things.
  • Chris – For your humor and kindness.
  • Brett – For always remembering me and including me as a close friend.
  • Mike – For being a great DM and organizing such fun game sessions.
  • Kayla – For sharing your exciting adventures and art.
  • Chris – For making me realize money isn’t everything and you can always make more.
  • Drew – For telling me it was okay that I sucked at every activity I did in high school.
  • Brad – For always being open and honest with me and willing to share tales of weridness.
  • Scooter – For watching out for me and being there when I needed backup.
  • Roman – For recognizing me for my intellect over anything else.
  • Candy – For inspiring me as a fellow female entrepreneur.
  •  Jo – For showing me what one fantastic person can do with a good heart and hard work.
  • Laeitia – For recognizing my hard work and thoughtfulness.
  • Brian – For always believing in my stupid ideas.
  • Pat – For being my partner in crime and listening to my rants.
  • Ben – For making me feel like a part of the cool-kids club.
  • Joey – For making every trade show more fun and every work day more entertaining.
  • Cindy – For understanding my weirdness and loving it.
  • Jim – For trusting in me and valuing my opinions.
  • Corey – For growing my networking of gaming professionals.
  • Jeff – For being a funny guy.
  • Mike – For thinking I’m cool on instagram…we know the truth.
  • Ricardo – For educating me on the supreme awesomeness of Portugal.
  • Katie – For knowing how it feels to be that guy at a show.
  • Bob – For being one of my first professional friends and being real with me always.
  • Richard – For life advice I didn’t even know I needed.
  • Igor – For cross-cultural appreciation and insight.
  • Aubrie – For being a good friend even when I’m a shit one.
  • Guy – For truly caring about my well being and offering me a place to stay in Normandy.

THANK YOU! Seriously, I am blessed to have crossed paths with all of you and hope you feel the same. I hope that 2016 is an even better year for you all than 2015!

With lots of love,






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