Artori Design Super Hero Bookends

Last month Ori Niv from Artori Designs reached out to me to share his latest bookend design. I don’t usually review products, but I do personally appreciate artistic interpretations of, “nerd culture” incorporated into every-day objects. I’ll even admit I bought two reusable shopping bags this year just because I liked the vector art design used to print images of Luke and Darth Vader.

Artori Designs has a few metal book ends bookends that aren’t superhero themed and while they are very nice, they aren’t quite as interesting as these two. At least, they are more suited for a normal person’s home, and who wants that?

These two shelves are sold separately and depict generic super heroes. I almost think I prefer that to be honest. This way nobody can say start something with you over the intricacies of the Marvel vs DC universe when they come over to watch the latest season of American Horror story. The bookends are both made of metal and obviously serve different purposes. The first is more of a shelf to be honest, while the second is a true bookend. Both create the illusion that this silhouetted cartoon character is shouldering the weight of your literature collection with is the particularly cool part.

These cool pieces can both be ordered on Amazon, and I would recommend that over their store. The website for Artori Design is a bit busy and difficult to navigate. Not like, Web 1.0 difficult, but still more challenging than it needs to be.






  1. Hoover

    Very cool. If I still read books, I would be all over this.

    But seriously, good stuff.

  2. Lindsey

    Aww I should have gotten this for my bf for his birthday! Next year…

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