Category: Candy

  • SO Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mint Milk for the Holidays

    I don’t have (much) of a problem with milk, but I couldn’t resist picking this holiday coconut milk up in the stores this month. Heck, I grew up in dairy farmer country. I’m all for milk, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try something new now and then. I’ve been drinking this stuff like a junky all month and I’m not ashamed to say it.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the product, SO Delicious is a company that makes dairy-free products. This limited edition mint chocolate milk is one of two seasonal drinks they have this year. [More]

  • Alternative Jelly Beans

    Yes, I’m a grown-ass adult who still gets an Easter basket. You’re clearly just jealous.

    Anyway this year the Easter bunny left a number of different types of jelly beans but one stood out as clearly the best.

    Have you ever had a nerds rope? They taste amazing! It’s chewy and crunchy and just the right amount of nerds. The downside is sometimes the little nerds fall off the rope. Anyway, these nerds jelly beans taste EXACTLY like baby nerds rope. I’ll be hunting for more of these in the bargain after-holiday candy pile for sure. [More]

  • Turkey Joints! The pride of Rome, NY [More]

  • October is for Birthdays

    One Fact About Me – My birthday is in October.
    One Fact About You – You have also been wondering, “what do those birthday M&M’s taste like?”

    I see them in the checkout line every week and it looks as though not a single package has been disturbed since they first showed up. Yes, I am talking about those Birthday M&M’s. I took the leap and bought some, probably the most exciting grocery trip I have taken in awhile, now I want to share with you my feels about these candies. [More]