Video Game Addiction

I love video games. Every once in awhile it’s great to sit down and zone out while I try to keep whatever kind of character I’m playing alive. I used to play a lot more, and to be honest, I’m glad I don’t play as much as I used to.

If you asked me 10 years ago about video game addiction I would have told you that it was a largely overblown topic. After all, if you live a distance from people your age interacting with people online is the next best thing. They are just different relationships not worse or better than those in “real life.” [More]

Interstellar in 70mm – The way Christopher Nolan wants you to see it

If you’re unaware this movie has been released in three different formats. 35mm, 70mm, and 4k digital. Not everyone will have the opportunity to see Interstellar the way it was intended to be seen, on 70mm, because of the limited release. With that said, it’s a good movie that you shouldn’t miss.

I wasn’t sure how a movie could really be made for 70mm, it’s been years since I went to an IMAX movie, but it’s true that Interstellar was made for 70mm. I am not typically the person who interrupts the movie experience for others, but I had to point out to my sister as we were watching that for shots where the setting was space the aspect ratio changed and the film would cover the whole screen! [More]

Movie Review – The Boxtrolls

This weekend The Boxtrolls was released in theaters and I made sure to grab a ticket for the first showing at my favorite theater. The story is cute, has some funny and obvious puns, and yet has some intelligent humor as well. I didn’t watch much of the trailers because I did want to see the movie without knowing all the best parts.

The claymation is really why I wanted to see this movie though. To my surprise, it was actually a bit of a mixed media piece and it was done surprisingly well. I spent the extra couple dollars to see it in 3D, but I’m not sure it was really needed. [More]

Movie Review – Tusk

So you may not have heard that this week Kevin Smith’s latest movie was released. That’s right, Tusk released in over 600 theaters and even that may be too many by some people’s standards. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment of this movie. If you’re in the mood for a bad horror movie this is just what you need.

A total of about 10 people were in the theater, 3 of which came with me. Keep in mind, this was the only theater showing the movie within an hour drive. At one point, one of the teens sitting behind me said to his buddy, “what the hell are we watching?” [More]

Netflix Golden Nugget – A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Time again for another Netflix Golden Nugget! Now everyone knows and recognizes Simon Pegg, and we have come to expect a certain type of movie from him. This is not one of those movies!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny and its weird, and at times a bit ridiculous, but it’s nothing like Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, just different!

So if you’re bored and surfing Netflix aimlessly you might want to give this movie a try. Just remember, don’t expect it to be a typical Simon Pegg movie and you won’t be disappointed. [More]

Netflix Golden Nugget – Dealin’ with Idiots

Everyone gets in that funk once in awhile, you just finished the series you had been watching for a month on Netflix and you don’t even know where to begin to find something new to start watching. That’s where Netflix Golden Nuggets come in!

Dealin’ with Idiots is a great comedy. It’s witty and sharp and leaves you cringing a bit. What more could you want? Of course the cast has two of my favorite people in it, obviously the star, stand-up comedian Jeff Garlin, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Bob Odenkirk as the coach! [More]

Maleficent Review

I don’t want to be overly harsh here, because the movie was good. It did exactly what I would have wanted it to, it entertained me!

That being said, the visuals for this movie were great, acting was good except for child actors/actresses, but it lacked an original music score and unique directing. Other than that, Maleficent was a great movie with an interesting story that’s fun for anyone to watch. [More]