Doug Flutie’s Parents Pass

Within an hours time, former Buffalo Bill’s quarterback Doug Flutie lost both his parents to heart attacks. As pretty much everyone knows, I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t really follow any teams religiously, though, I will wear some kind of jersey in Pittsburgh as urban camouflage. It was still sad to hear the news story about Doug Flutie’s parents.

The Buffalo Bills haven’t been a great team in my lifetime, however Doug Flutie helped brought hope with him! The last time the Bills were headed to the Super Bowl Doug Flutie was hailed as a local hero and sports savior. I remember wanting so badly for the Bills to win the super bowl. Not that I would be watching, playing in the snow at Super Bowl parties was always more fun. I did have a lot at stake though.

My teacher at the time had promised us no homework for a week. That was like winning the lottery for a middle schooler. How could I not want them to win? I had my mom buy me Flutie Flakes and I proudly called myself a “fan” without knowing anything about the sport. Of course, they didn’t win and I learned an important lesson about coping with disappointment.

I stopped following sports shortly after but that was an exciting and fun school memory for me. The thing is, people are always searching for a legacy. Some have children to achieve it while others create business empires. We all want to be remembered beyond our deaths to prove that we were here. Doug Flutie’s parents will be remembered through him and he will be remembered through everything he’s achieved in his athletic career.

What may seem like a tragedy actually seems like the happiest end they could have had. Neither of Doug Flutie’s parents will have to wait in a purgatory state to join the other and they were fortunate enough to go quickly. On top of that, their death has gotten recognition through numerous media outlets earning their loved ones some deserved sympathy. If only we could all go out on such a high note!






  1. JedFae

    Flutie flakes! what a throwback.

  2. Anonymous

    Flutie Flakes! Those were the days…

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