Free Space Tourism Posters From NASA

For the past 50 years people have been obsessed with the idea of going into space. We are closer than ever to making it possible for average people to visit space with the launch of companies like SpaceX. The idea of space tourism seems to be an exciting thought for even the scientists at NASA. They recently released a series of retro posters designed to be marketing propaganda for fictional space travel programs. Anyone with even a mild interest in space or design will enjoy these.

free nasa space tourism program poster

A few of the planets mentioned in this poster series by The Studio at JPL aren’t the ones you learned for your model of our solar system. My favorite inclusion is Ceres which orbits around Neptune. Even if you knew nothing about the planet, the poster gives the right impression. It’s a cratered surface like the moon, and recently it was confirmed by NASA that the planet does have a trickle of water. It’s quite a bit further to travel than say Mars, but it seems like it would be a potential candidate for the fictional space colonization movement.

ceres free nasa space tourism program poster

A runner up poster for both design and feasibility as a space colony is Kepier 186f. It’s name isn’t great, but the planet shows the most promise as a New Earth. (And yes I do think the human race would be so unoriginal as to re-name the next habitable planet New Earth.)

Kepler 186f free nasa space tourism program poster

Every poster in the series is beautifully done, and they are all available for free to print. I expect every X Institute of Technology campus will be littered with them by the end of the week. If you would like to see the full collection and print off some copies for yourself please visit NASA’s website.

enceladus free nasa retro space tourism posters



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  1. LVL99

    Ha! These are hilarious! You should have mentioned they all have funny captions.

  2. Wendell

    These are beautiful! It’s not often you see the professional expertise of art and science mixed so harmoniously.

    1. Florence

      You’re the best! Thanks for sharing these.

  3. d.s. oakley

    I can’t wait till space tourism is a thing. We will probably all still be alive then too!! (Okay, not for all of these “destinations” but some, yes.)

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