Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

The past couple years have lead to some fairly unconventional thanksgivings for my family. As we all get older our lives just naturally get more complicated and it’s harder for everyone to be together. That’s no different this year. My oldest sister is still recovering from the accident she was in, my middle sister doesn’t have the time off, and my youngest sister is visiting her boyfriend’s family. So, I’m the only one home for the holidays!

It’s not as bad as it sounds though. We will all be facetiming, google hangouting, or skyping this evening during dinner. I think we have actually done this for a couple holidays now and it seems to work pretty well. It’s of course, not the same as being there in person, but I’m still grateful that we have the ability to share time together this way.

Anyway, I realize that the whole foundation of thanksgiving is a bit of a sham, but I still enjoy the holiday as a reminder to be thankful for the good things in life. No gift-buying is probably my favorite part, if I’m being honest. I mean, who needs more stuff. It’s just very overwhelming after a point. But I digress, for those who think the holiday is a terrible reminder of the atrocities toward the Native Americans, you’re partly right. However, instead of feeling guilty and trying to shame people for celebrating today, how about trying a new approach. Why not learn a bit about the culture of Native Americans instead?

Many tribes have dwindling numbers and a large part of their culture, language, and religion was lost thanks to the settlers. Nobody can go back in time and change that, but what you can do is help preserve their culture by learning about it.

So if you’re feeling particularly guilty today, maybe check out the Haudenosaunee Wikipedia page or whatever tribe is located where you live.






  1. Mr. Danger

    Hope you had a great thanksgiving too!

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