New Cellphone

So I recently went on an adventure or sorts to get a new cellphone. I had never had a problem with Verizon, but I wanted to upgrade from my old flip phone to a more functional smartphone. As much as I wanted to get on Sprint’s unlimited data plan, they just didn’t cover my area well. I ended up with the Motorola Atrix 2 (now I’m a moto-head and a motar-head) on AT&T. I think I can live with it, but after the month-long phone-swapping, carrier-switching adventure I have gained a lot more interest in cellphones.

I think the interest comes in part from the Consumer Electronics Show. This year everything seemed very predictable, but one thing I noticed was that cellphones have been stealing the spotlight. It is clear that smartphones are still battling to gain market share away from Apple. It is amazing to see what other companies are coming up with in an attempt to take down the iPhone. The “iBrand” of Apple is amazing to me because it has such a strong impact on people across a variety of market segments.

For instance, one of the biggest problems facing smartphones is their short battery life. At the CES, Motorola released the newest addition to the RAZR line in an effort to cater to customers looking for long-lasting phones. My guess is that more people heard a rumor about the next iPhone than the name of Motorola’s RAZR Maxx. Luckily for those competing against Apple, technology seems to fascinate a large number of consumers so they have no problem looking into the specs of a phone before making a purchase. It will be interesting to see how the absence of Steve Jobs and the ambition of other companies will impact the smartphone market in the upcoming years.






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