One Year Older With More Friends Than Ever

I was astounded yesterday to receive a flood of birthday messages from people all over the world. Often times I feel as though there is no way I could make a lasting impact on people. I’m just me after all. It’s heart-warming to then receive so many well wishes from both distant and new friends as well as the old and close ones I have.

If you know me well enough to have gotten into this conversation then you likely know that I do think of people as the most important thing in life. They are the driving force behind changes all around the world for thousands of years. And people don’t only change their surroundings, people themselves change! The opportunities we have to get to know people are fleeting and should be seized at every opportunity because even meeting the same person at different times in their life can be like meeting different people.

The world is a cruel and painful place without friends. It doesn’t particularly matter how many you have or how long you’ve had them. What does matter is how much you show them you care. Be it though gifts, acts of kindness, or however else you show love; make sure they know.

To everyone I’ve meet over the years of my life, thank you. I love you all, the bad and the good, and you make life worth living.






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