Pascal Campion’s Art of Love

I bought a print from this artist at a convention not too long ago, but thought writing about the artist’s work around Valentines Day would be more appropriate. Many of his illustrations revolve around the many flavors of love that people experience throughout their lives.

Sarah Kohl Pascal Art Valentines Day
The one in particular that I purchased is a couple taking a dip in a wooded area on what one can only imagine is a warm summer day. (It made me chuckle a bit when I bought it because he went to sign it then realized he had pre-signed it so he pretended to sign it again and handed it back.) While I loved all of the art I looked at, I felt an immediate attraction to this particular illustration of his. I have many found memories at nearly every age of swimming outdoors with people who are important to me. Of course, I also appreciated that not every picture of his depicts romantic love. Some are the love a pet shows it’s owner, others are the love a child shares with the world, but every illustration is guaranteed to stir a happy feeling inside of you.

The artist’s story is fairly interesting as well. Pascal Campion was born in New Jersey, but received his formal art education in France. When looking at his work, it’s my opinion that this has had a significant impact on not only his art style, but his art subjects. In particular, the soft memory-like style and the focus on happy emotions in his digital paintings reminds me of French cinema and my personal experiences in France. His work shows a love for life and a passion for sharing it with people. If I had to guess, this is probably why he was initially interested in doing work for educational games. I would highly encourage everyone to browse through his work, even if you don’t intend to buy, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face!







  1. cricket20

    What lovely artwork! I’m genuinely happy you shared.

  2. LVL99

    I should get a print or two.

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