Rochester Airigami Comes to an End

If you aren’t familiar with airigami, then you probably didn’t go to RIT. My college had a balloon artist on staff full-time and his fantastic work as well as the work of others has inspired a community of balloon enthusiasts in Rochester. Once a year, they all gather together to put together a huge balloon exhibit that can be viewed for free.

This years exhibit was on display all last week concluding Sunday evening with “the popping ceremony.” I couldn’t stay to watch that though, it would be too painful to watch!


I did however spend a good deal of time walking around admiring all of the great balloon creation. This year’s exhibit, “Journey on the Genesee” was pretty awesome. In previous years they had done a Jack in the beanstalk and a dinosaur display, but the local touch is nice.

One of the more interesting parts of the exhibit was in a small display case in the corner. It showed the 20 or so different types of balloons that were used in creating everything. My favorite was called like a geo-star balloon or something. It was a star with a hole in the middle! I had no idea a balloon like that even existed.



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