We Love Rochester NY

I recently gave a quote for the site We Love Rochester NY and I thought if it wasn’t clear yet, I should state. I do love Rochester, NY. If you’re too lazy to read through that blog let me summarize the awesomeness of this city.

The People

The people are amazing. There are a lot of young people here for college which means there is a whole lot of educated young people. Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by that? And what makes it really great is the schools here are all fairly different. For instance you have U of R which tends to bring in a good number of ivy league contenders from wealthy backgrounds. Then you have RIT which tends to bring in just the opposite! Lot’s of nerdy kids from working families to add a whole mess of character to the community. And then there are the smaller liberal arts schools like Nazareth. I mean, it really does take all types.

The Size

The city isn’t big, but it’s packed with entertainment. Rock climbing, curling, outdoor ice skating, bowling, sailing, SUPing, kayaking, plays, musicals, concerts, festivals; what more could you be looking for? There is a lot here and yet, it’s not so big that you don’t get to know people in the community.

The Food

Any kind of food from anywhere in the world. Wineries, brewhouses, and more! You can eat at some high class places or just grab a garbage plate. And of course, lots of grub hub options for the less-social nights in.

The Companies

There are a lot of locally owned businesses for starters. Even the large corporations like Wegmans have an outstanding reputation though. There are so many small startups you can hardly keep track of them; everything from bakeries to game developers are working on something new and different. To top it all off, everyone is working toward being sustainable. The multinational chemical company, Rochester Midland, is known for it’s line of green chemicals and recently was recognized for creating a sustainable and safer lubricant to be used in food production. I mean, when even your chemical company is looking out for the environment you have a good thing going.

The Cost of Living

So you’d think a city this amazing should be a pricer place to live. Would you imagine that a nicer house in the suburbs only costs about $120k? You can hardly get a 2 bedroom house for that price down south, and that money wouldn’t get you a cardboard box out west!

It’s true, we really do have it made here in Rochester! If you’re visiting for any reason, don’t miss the chance to get out and explore.







  1. Latosha

    I moved to Rochester a few years ago for work and I have been completely impressed with the people here. Winters suck, but the sense of community is wonderful.

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