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  • Why GMO’s are Good, Safe, and Delicious

    Over the years there has been a lot of debate about what is healthy and what we should be eating. Now more than ever, we have access to this information making us responsive consumers. However, it’s possible that with an increased access to information, we focus on teaching people how to navigate content more than we teach them how to qualify it. Either way, some innocent bystanders got dragged into the issue of “healthy food,” and among them are GMOs.

    If you’re unfamiliar, GMO’s are organisms, in this case crops, which have been modified by genetic engineering techniques. [More]

  • Man vs Rock

    This has been on of my favorite reads of the comics I picked up at Comic Con. I have so many good things to say about Man vs Rock that I’m going to have to actually organize my writing for once!

    The premiss of the book is simple. Rocks have been abused, disgraced, and neglected for centuries and now they seem to be attacking. Obviously this isn’t a serious book, but as the creators pitched the comic to me at comic con I started to think, “fuck rocks!”

    The main character is a guy name Buck. Technically a professor but he falls into more of an 80’s action hero trope than anything. [More]

  • Legend of the Mantamaji

    Legend of Mantamaji has already been noticed by reviewers bigger than myself as it was named a must read this summer by BET. I was happy to pick it up and give it a read as the creators told me all about it and signed a copy for me. Eric Dean Seaton is no rookie to the entertainment industry, but this is his first comic book, and it’s surprisingly good.

    You always have to expect the first version of someone’s first published work to have some rough edges and certainly there were times when I had to flip back through to make sure my assumptions about what was going on were correct. [More]

  • Comic Con San Diego 2015

    This year I went to my first even Comic Con. It was a whole lot of fun and to my surprise I wasn’t as interested in hunting down stars or finding the big name booths. One of the most fan parts was actually checking out the smaller comic publishers and seeing just what people are up to.

    Awhile back I made fun of one of my now-ex’s for buying art at a comic convention. It seemed like a pretty stupid idea to go to a comic convention to buy art, but I had to eat those words. I came back with multiple art pieces. It’s funny how you can just come across some art and artist who completely capture a thought, mood, or moment. [More]

  • Connecting With People

    I have always found it fairly easy to connect with people, and I over-think a lot of things so let me share with you a theory of mine about people. It’s nothing particularly ground-breaking, and it certainly hasn’t been put to the test. I would like to create some experiments and validate it when I have some time though.

    Well anyway, even though I seem to be able to connect with people easily I meet many people who tell me they can’t. Obviously some of this is the halo effect, but I think there is also another part and that is the way in which people see relationships with other people. [More]

  • One Less Veal Cow

    This summer I have been doing a fair bit of camping. More camping than I have probably done in the rest of my life combined actually. That being the case, I decided to stop by Runnings to grab a few things this evening. As I was headed into the store I noticed a baby calf coming out of a small sedan.

    I couldn’t help but think about all the possible scenarios of how a calf could have ended up in the parking lot of an outdoors supply shop. As I perused the isles I started to forget about the calf and the two girls outside with it. [More]

  • Music, Money, & Mental Health

    Growing up I listened to a lot of oldies music and one of my favorite bands was The Beach Boys. I’ve watched a lot of movies that detailed the band’s rise to fame. I was familiar with their abusive father, the infamous “hermit crab” swimming pool incident and the fact that Brian Wilson was being manipulated later in life through misdiagnosed mental health issues. The movie Love & Mercy was still a shockingly good depiction of Brian Wilson’s life crisis.

    It’s no secret that he struggled with recreational drugs when he was wiring albums like Animal Sounds. [More]

  • Reflecting on Life While Reading about Brains

    One of the books I’ve been reading has been an exciting look at how the mind thinks. It’s called, Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. I suppose it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but it’s validated a few things I have been told over the years.

    Has anyone ever told you that you need to laugh more or smile more or just project a happier persona and you’ll be happier? Yeah, I always thought that was a bit outlandish, but it turns out science backs this up. [More]

  • Memorial Day: We Will Not Forget

    I had to chuckle a bit to myself the other night when I went to pick-up pizza from a local pizza joint. There was a flyer there advertising that Memorial Day weekend they would be serving foot-long hotdogs. The ad read simply, “May 25th 2015, Footlong Hotdogs, Memorial Day” with the sub-text, “We will not forget.” I love this pizza place, but even I can tell that last phrase makes this a  slightly strange ad.The ad itself made me chuckle. The use of such a powerful statement to sell foot-long hotdogs did stop and make me think for a moment. [More]

  • The Circle of Life Within Any Group

    It’s interesting the things I remember from college. One of my less-than-favorite classes brought up a concept that has been fairly important to me even years later. The theory was that every group goes through four stages. Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. They should be pretty obvious by the name, but what I have found interesting is how it’s applied to nearly every grouping of people I have ever known.

    Just so that we are all on the same page, the stages refer to a group being put together (by any means) then experiencing conflict. [More]

  • Building Relationships with Online Dating

    Online dating is becoming increasingly more popular. Answer some questions, like some photos, and sooner or later you’re bound to find true love, right? I’m skeptical though I know plenty of people who have found their significant other with the help of dating sites.

    There are a few things that everyone knows about dating sites. First, there are tons of fake female profiles and a lot of effort goes into trying to convince men to pay for subscriptions to services so that they can get at these women. This is just something we have to accept. [More]

  • Do we medicate brilliant minds to mediocrity?

    The mind is one of the greatest puzzles we have been given to solve. People have been trying to figure it for hundreds of years. Early scientists tried their best to diagnose and treat mental illness but often it was misunderstood as a physical ailment instead of, well, a mental one. That’s why we had strange treatments like shock therapy and lobotomy.

    Today we may not have all the answers, but we do have less-horrific methods of treating mental illness. We may even rely on drugs more than therapy. I personally have never taken any antidepressants nor was I one of the many kids who took ADHD meds in grade school. [More]