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Movies! I spend an insane amount of money watching movies and I’m a sucker for all the 3D/HD gimmicks.

The Horror Movies You Need to Watch on Netflix

That’s right. It’s that time of the year when watching horror movies is mandatory. While you’re planning for the best holiday of the year (Halloween duh) these are some movies that should help you get excited and maybe a bit scared. The best part? They are all on Netflix!

I’m a firm believer that the less you know about a movie before watching it the more you will enjoy it. With that in mind I’ve given a list of just titles, no spoilers and then given each movie a score of 1-5 for scariness. [More]

Dear White People

You might think it’s 1950 with how often the issue of race has come up in the news and media. I have been waiting for Dear White People to come to Netflix and this weekend I was happily surprised to find it showcased in my suggestions. I am always curious to hear the perspectives of society from a new and different angle so this film was a treat.

I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood where one or two minorities became race-ambassadors for the whole school. It wasn’t until college where I started to meet a more diverse group of people. [More]

My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world. And my subconscious is yearning for a piece of juicy meat. But what do I want? – Writer


Let everything that’s been planned come true. Let them believe. And let them have a laugh at their passions. Because what they call passion actually is not some emotional energy, but just the friction between their souls and the outside world. -Stalker


Music, Money, & Mental Health

Growing up I listened to a lot of oldies music and one of my favorite bands was The Beach Boys. I’ve watched a lot of movies that detailed the band’s rise to fame. I was familiar with their abusive father, the infamous “hermit crab” swimming pool incident and the fact that Brian Wilson was being manipulated later in life through misdiagnosed mental health issues. The movie Love & Mercy was still a shockingly good depiction of Brian Wilson’s life crisis.

It’s no secret that he struggled with recreational drugs when he was wiring albums like Animal Sounds. [More]

How did I almost miss Kingsman?

So I’m a little late to the game since Kingsman came out awhile back but I finally went to see it this week. I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed a the music in a film this much since Guardians of the Galaxy.

Kingsman used it’s budget on making a good movie, not advertising so you might not have even seen a trailer. That’s okay. It’s always best to go into a movie knowing very little about it. In this case, if you like humorous action movies you’ll be in for a treat with Kingsman. [More]

The Hobbit Movie Marathon

The Hobbit movie that comes out tomorrow will be the last chance we will have to see a Tolkien book made into a movie. That is of course, unless they make the The Silmarillion into a movie, which let’s be honest, would have to be something more like a PBS special.

I was able to see an advanced screening of the Hobbit movie and it doesn’t disappoint. I encourage everyone to watch the two previous movies before the new one. It does add to the experience. Aside from that though, the movie did a good job of wrapping up everyone’s story while fleshing out the battle more than the book. [More]

Wild Review

Yesterday the movie Wild was being released in a number of theaters. I was invited to a pre-screening so I have had some time to think about the movie and have decided to write a quick review. No spoilers, promise.

The movie itself focuses on female characters and touches on a number of serious topics. Unfortunately, some editing and directing decisions were made that somewhat detract from any one of these issues from being the focal point.

In some instances, the audience was beaten over the head with clues that were intended to be subtle, thus ruining some of the surprise when these snippets of the main character’s life where revealed. [More]

Why Miss Piggy is the Best Female Role Model

Winter is back, and Disney Frozen merchandise is everywhere. It’s a successful franchise founded on the view that the females characters are good role models for young girls. It’s easy to see how many movies have flat female characters, and sometimes, even when you think you have a strong female lead in a movie or TV show, on further investigation it’s not true. I believe Frozen is a step in the right direction, but there is an unsung star that should really be known as the best female role model, Miss Piggy. [More]

Interstellar in 70mm – The way Christopher Nolan wants you to see it

If you’re unaware this movie has been released in three different formats. 35mm, 70mm, and 4k digital. Not everyone will have the opportunity to see Interstellar the way it was intended to be seen, on 70mm, because of the limited release. With that said, it’s a good movie that you shouldn’t miss.

I wasn’t sure how a movie could really be made for 70mm, it’s been years since I went to an IMAX movie, but it’s true that Interstellar was made for 70mm. I am not typically the person who interrupts the movie experience for others, but I had to point out to my sister as we were watching that for shots where the setting was space the aspect ratio changed and the film would cover the whole screen! [More]

Movie Review – The Boxtrolls

This weekend The Boxtrolls was released in theaters and I made sure to grab a ticket for the first showing at my favorite theater. The story is cute, has some funny and obvious puns, and yet has some intelligent humor as well. I didn’t watch much of the trailers because I did want to see the movie without knowing all the best parts.

The claymation is really why I wanted to see this movie though. To my surprise, it was actually a bit of a mixed media piece and it was done surprisingly well. I spent the extra couple dollars to see it in 3D, but I’m not sure it was really needed. [More]

When going to the movies I keep seeing this trailer for Ouija and I can’t help but think it looks familiar…I edited this together so people could see what I see. [More]

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