NIL A Land Beyond Belief: The Perfect Read During Election Season

NIL A Land Beyond Belief is a fantastic graphic novel I came across recently and it’s incredibly fitting for this election season. The graphic novel written and illustrated by James Turner examines the beliefs of people who believe in nothing. It’s hilariously tongue-in-cheek and takes logical arguments to the extreme.

NIL A Land Beyond Belief Funny Political Promises

The artwork is wonderfully modern while borrowing elements from classic propaganda posters. Anyone can pickup on the vibe of this book from page 1. It’s cynical, logical, and explores the worst parts of human nature while remaining comical. The character you follow through the story is named Pronoun Nul. Like most everyone else, Nul looks dead, but James Turner does a fantastic job depicting emotions for the skull and bone cast. Unfortunately, none of these people were all that good in life so they reside in Nil, a twisted version of our world and fantasy. This shit place of Nil has some special guests straight out of your history books including “Adog” himself.

NIL A Land Beyond Belief Funny Political Graphic Novel
I mention that this book is particularly interesting during election time because a large portion of this book revolves around politics, beliefs, and corruption. Without spoiling the book, there are a number of hilarious quips that are more relevant than ever to the current presidential election. The style of humor is something like what you find in Rick & Morty and JTHM, but less violent and more verbose. Perhaps if Quentin Tarantino guest wrote an episode of Rick & Morty…

Well anyway, if you’re looking for a funny read that will make you think a bit, NIL A Land Beyond Belief might be just the graphic novel you’re looking for.







  1. C3PeeOhNO

    This looks pretty funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Samantha

    I was just looking for a new graphic novel to read. This looks like a pretty good recommendation, thanks!

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  4. Karsen

    What an interesting book. I wonder if I can get this at my library.

  5. Williamnarm

    I freaking love this book! I actually found it at my library through the interlibrary loan system. Perfect for this political season. Did you see the debate last night?! Blarghlsnarf

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