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  • The Woodland Welfare Manifesto


    This was a hilarious comic I picked up at last Comic Con and just got around to reading it. It’s a timely read with the increasing popularity of socialist values that’s cropped up recently.

    Now, I argue quite a bit with my friends about politics, because don’t we all know what’s best for our countries complex social and economic systems? This comic pokes fun at capitalism and socialism in the best ways. And without ruining the ending, has a fairly realistic compromise between the two systems.


    As you can probably tell from the artist’s style, the characters are wacky.   [More]

  • Women-Owned Comic Publisher Kymera Press

    It’s been awhile since Comic Con, but believe it or not there is still a pile of independent comic books that I haven’t had a chance to read! I’ve just started to get around to checking out the comics I picked up from the Kymera Press booth. I hadn’t heard of the company before Comic Con, but I have to admit I’ve been itching to get to these since the show.

    Kymera Press is a comic publishing company that was founded in 2013 for women. It’s owned by women, and intends to help women succeed in the comic industry. [More]

  • Love is Blind Blog Hop

    I’ve decided to participate in the Love is Blind blog hop this year. Please check out some of the other blogs participating! Most of them are authors or aspiring authors, but they are all a good read. [More]

  • NIL A Land Beyond Belief: The Perfect Read During Election Season

    NIL A Land Beyond Belief is a fantastic graphic novel I came across recently and it’s incredibly fitting for this election season. The graphic novel written and illustrated by James Turner examines the beliefs of people who believe in nothing. It’s hilariously tongue-in-cheek and takes logical arguments to the extreme.

    NIL A Land Beyond Belief Funny Political Promises

    The artwork is wonderfully modern while borrowing elements from classic propaganda posters. Anyone can pickup on the vibe of this book from page 1. It’s cynical, logical, and explores the worst parts of human nature while remaining comical. [More]

  • Ilvermorny, the American Version of Hogwarts

    J.K. Rowling is incredibly good at keeping the billions of people who read her books interested in them by releasing unrelated and unimportant tidbits that the books overlooked. I was marginally interested in the Dumbledore’s Gay announcement, but by the time Rowling declared Harry Should Have Married Hermione I was less than interested in her side commentary. The news of an American Wizarding School was interesting, but it wasn’t until today that J.K. Rowling revealed the name to be Ilvermorny. [More]