Women-Owned Comic Publisher Kymera Press

It’s been awhile since Comic Con, but believe it or not there is still a pile of independent comic books that I haven’t had a chance to read! I’ve just started to get around to checking out the comics I picked up from the Kymera Press booth. I hadn’t heard of the company before Comic Con, but I have to admit I’ve been itching to get to these since the show.

Kymera Press is a comic publishing company that was founded in 2013 for women. It’s owned by women, and intends to help women succeed in the comic industry. Their writers, artists, and editors are women which I found immensely cool. I only had a brief moment to speak with them because it was the last day and I was booking it to pick up comics, but even in that short amount of time they left a lasting impression on me. This group of women explained that they wanted to be better represented in the comic industry so instead of fighting their way though other companies they decided to start their own!

Obviously, thats exactly the kind of attitude I can relate to. The women in the company seem to come from all walks of life and span generations. With these varied perspectives on life, I would expect the comics to be better than the average indy comic. They currently have three series out which I find impressive for the small team.

Of course, probably the most important part of Kymera Press’s existence is the testament to the growing interest in comics among women. Hopefully companies like Kymera Press can help get a few female comic artists and writers to the level of fame that so man men have achieved in the industry.



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