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Evangola State Park

I’ve been living in New York for over 25 years now yet I continue to be surprised by the beautiful parks we have. This weekend I spent some time at the Evangola State Park for a car show.

The WNY Mopar group organized the show as part of the tomato festival and it was a great day for it. Cars showed up all the way from Canada! They had food vendors, live entertainment, and of course the beauty of the beach.

The park was expansive and had playgrounds, sports fields, and did I mention the beach? I grew up outside of Buffalo and always considered Lake Erie to be a second-rate waterfront, but where the Evangola State Park sits it’s absolutely beautiful. [More]

You know what’s great about the internet? You can make a name for yourself pretty much anywhere in the world! Christina Calph grew up not far from where I did and it’s great to see yet another fellow Western NY’er achieving success. If you follow Stan Lee’s blog you may have already seen this, but I think it’s worth sharing.

What I like about Burp Girl:

  • Burp girl seems to be the start of a great (dare I say feminist friendly) main character. She is not your typical over-sexualized female comic character
  • Christina Calph is a good actor.

Why GMO’s are Good, Safe, and Delicious

Over the years there has been a lot of debate about what is healthy and what we should be eating. Now more than ever, we have access to this information making us responsive consumers. However, it’s possible that with an increased access to information, we focus on teaching people how to navigate content more than we teach them how to qualify it. Either way, some innocent bystanders got dragged into the issue of “healthy food,” and among them are GMOs.

If you’re unfamiliar, GMO’s are organisms, in this case crops, which have been modified by genetic engineering techniques. [More]

Why Target Making Gender Neutral Kids Clothes is Smart

I know some people saw this in the news recently and cringed while others praised their forward thinking. Everyone has been focused on what this means from a societal view, and how this will impact the delicate psyche of children, but let’s be honest for a moment. This gamble should end up making more money, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we really care about?

The retail business is tricky. You have to be thinking one step ahead because shopping just isn’t like it was 25 years ago. [More]

Loyal3 Investing For Fun Without Fees

I don’t usually mention products on my blog, but I started using Loyal3 in January and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun. Loyal3 is a great introductory tool for someone who wants to play around with a few stocks. If I was a high school economics teacher I would probably make my students invest in something through Loyal3. It’s very easy to use and the best part, no fees of any kind.

Now, because they do batch buys when you choose to buy and sell the transactions aren’t immediate. That’s okay really. [More]

Man vs Rock

This has been on of my favorite reads of the comics I picked up at Comic Con. I have so many good things to say about Man vs Rock that I’m going to have to actually organize my writing for once!

The premiss of the book is simple. Rocks have been abused, disgraced, and neglected for centuries and now they seem to be attacking. Obviously this isn’t a serious book, but as the creators pitched the comic to me at comic con I started to think, “fuck rocks!”

The main character is a guy name Buck. Technically a professor but he falls into more of an 80’s action hero trope than anything. [More]

Rocket League – Two Sports Games Are Better Than One

So I’ve spent some time playing Rocket League now and I have to say, I kind of love this game. The concept is simple. Picture a soccer field, now give it a giant dome all Blitzball style. You and your friends get some tricked out cars, and try to get more goals than your opposition. It’s stupid fun even if it sounds less than that.

You can choose from a number of cars, each one is slightly different. My personal favorites are the heavy trucks and vans. They handle like you would think a F-350 would on a soccer field, but when you smash into people watching them sail halfway across the field is oh so satisfying. [More]

Legend of the Mantamaji

Legend of Mantamaji has already been noticed by reviewers bigger than myself as it was named a must read this summer by BET. I was happy to pick it up and give it a read as the creators told me all about it and signed a copy for me. Eric Dean Seaton is no rookie to the entertainment industry, but this is his first comic book, and it’s surprisingly good.

You always have to expect the first version of someone’s first published work to have some rough edges and certainly there were times when I had to flip back through to make sure my assumptions about what was going on were correct. [More]

Puerto Rico in the Not-So Rainy Season

This Independence Day I spent time with my sisters (well, two of them) and my brother-in-law on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It’s been my second trip this year and even so, I was able to see plenty of things I hadn’t seen the first time.

sarah kohl puerto rico travel

On this trip we stayed on the east side of the island in a small family-run hotel just outside of El Yunque National Park & Rainforest. The Hacienda Moyano was a fantastic place to stay. Our hosts showed us around the property and let us eat whatever we could find which meant a lot of mangos and bananas! [More]

Comic Con San Diego 2015

This year I went to my first even Comic Con. It was a whole lot of fun and to my surprise I wasn’t as interested in hunting down stars or finding the big name booths. One of the most fan parts was actually checking out the smaller comic publishers and seeing just what people are up to.

Awhile back I made fun of one of my now-ex’s for buying art at a comic convention. It seemed like a pretty stupid idea to go to a comic convention to buy art, but I had to eat those words. I came back with multiple art pieces. It’s funny how you can just come across some art and artist who completely capture a thought, mood, or moment. [More]

Connecting With People

I have always found it fairly easy to connect with people, and I over-think a lot of things so let me share with you a theory of mine about people. It’s nothing particularly ground-breaking, and it certainly hasn’t been put to the test. I would like to create some experiments and validate it when I have some time though.

Well anyway, even though I seem to be able to connect with people easily I meet many people who tell me they can’t. Obviously some of this is the halo effect, but I think there is also another part and that is the way in which people see relationships with other people. [More]

Chicago is Still Earning it’s Title as The Most Corrupt City in the Nation

The Windy City has a long history of corruption. From gangsters of the 20’s to politicians today, not much seems to have stopped the cities appetite for income. 

Recently, Chicago passed two laws that work together to tax all streaming entertainment as well as the purchase of intangible goods such as cloud storage space. While states like NY and California are getting headlines for pushing taxes that control detrimental social choices (taxing emissions and soda pop) Illinois is allowing Chicago to make a clear and undeniable money grab with their new tax. [More]

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