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Casual Lyft Drivers Thanks to Hertz

What if you had a license, but no car and wanted to get in on the game of driving people around for money? Well thank goodness, the casual driver can now be a Lyft driver thanks to the partnership between Lyft and Hertz.

Lyft has been trying all sorts of things to keep and expand their driver fleet. They announced a new bunch of perks for their drivers including instant deposits and fuel rewards, but this one seems a bit crazy. Lyft drivers will now be able to rent cars from Hertz for discounted rates. The rates shake out to be $25 per day, $150 per week, or $540 per month for an SUV. [More]

Men brave and generous live the best lives, seldom will they sorrow; then there are fools, afraid of everything, who grumble instead of giving. [More]

The Horror Movies You Need to Watch on Netflix

That’s right. It’s that time of the year when watching horror movies is mandatory. While you’re planning for the best holiday of the year (Halloween duh) these are some movies that should help you get excited and maybe a bit scared. The best part? They are all on Netflix!

I’m a firm believer that the less you know about a movie before watching it the more you will enjoy it. With that in mind I’ve given a list of just titles, no spoilers and then given each movie a score of 1-5 for scariness. [More]

We Love Rochester NY

I recently gave a quote for the site We Love Rochester NY and I thought if it wasn’t clear yet, I should state. I do love Rochester, NY. If you’re too lazy to read through that blog let me summarize the awesomeness of this city.

The People

The people are amazing. There are a lot of young people here for college which means there is a whole lot of educated young people. Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by that? And what makes it really great is the schools here are all fairly different. For instance you have U of R which tends to bring in a good number of ivy league contenders from wealthy backgrounds. [More]

Watching Great Friends Get Married

This weekend was the first of many weddings I am going to this month. The weather broke just in time and everything was simply beautiful. The speeches where heartwarming, the food fantastic, and the setting simply stunning. What more could you ask for?

In all seriousness, this was one of the happiest weddings I’ve attended. I have known the groom since I was a kid and the bride for the past few years and they are truly a perfect match. Such an inspiring union brought out the sappiness in pretty much everyone there. [More]

LinkedIn Classaction Lawsuit Over Emails (Perkins vs LinkedIn Corp)

I have been a LinkedIn member since the mid to late 2000’s. Over time it hasn’t evolved as much as say Myspace or Facebook, but the guts of the site have undergone a number of changes. One of these was and is the way in which LinkedIn gets you to connect with other people on their site.

When joining the professional social network you have to provide at least one email address. The site then prompts you to sync your contacts with their system and finds all of your friends in their network. Of course, this isn’t really that much different than any other social network. [More]

…there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. – Machiavelli


Still in Love With Loyal3

Okay, so I already did a post where I talked all about how much I love Loyal3. I felt it was time to reiterate my love for this investing platform after a few different experiences I have had with them.

Let’s start with some good events. Good stuff is always easier to talk about right? So shortly after making my last post Loyal3 updated their platform. I can now see the actual % or $ amount I have made or lost with a particular company. It’s great. It made it a lot easier to make sure I was making a profit with my sales. [More]

OK so this weekend I picked, cooked, and ate a wild puffball mushroom. I tried to cook it up a whole bunch of different ways because I’ll be honest, I’d never cooked one of these before. After lots of internet research and dirty dishes I came up with a few ways to try cooking it up.

Stir-fry with Coconut Oil – I’m not a huge mushroom eater so I wanted to start out with something that I figured had a low chance of being disgusting. I’ve been addicted to coconut oil the past few days and I’m a firm believer that if you add enough onion to something it will taste just fine. [More]

And who said romance is dead? This is Old English. You know, the time period with princes and princesses, when all of those fantasy novels take place! You might recognize the song, but I’m guessing you can’t follow the lyrics. Even so, you can hear bits of German in here which is a lot of fun.

I wish their singing voices had been just a bit better, but I think their commitment to the costumes and theme more than make up for it. [More]

Sexual, Asexual, and Demisexual People

I was discussing the topic of demisexuality and asexuality with someone the other day and I got the familiar response, “what is that?” Of course, followed by an, “that’s not a thing.” It still surprises me that people can go from knowing nothing about a topic to knowing that it doesn’t exist in about 1 min.

While it is becoming prevalent that yes, gay people exist and they are born that way, there are still other groups of people who struggle to be recognized. Two of the little-known groups are asexuals and demisexuals. [More]

The First Day of Fall

I love fall. You might think my favorite season is summer with all of the outdoor activities I enjoy, but you’d be wrong. Fall is a wonderful time of year. Most birds have flown south, worker bees are going to be homeless soon, and everything in general is dying. Happy right?

It’s the end of a lot of happy things, and that’s okay. It’s knowing that things will come to an end that makes us appreciative of them in the first place. After all do you think people who live in southern California rave about seeing the sun out when they wake up? [More]

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